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E.O.Y. Picnic

The Team poses for an EOY picture with the MRT RC Raft.

The Team poses for an EOY picture with the MRT RC Raft.

MRT wrapped up the 2011-2012 school year with an End of the Year picnic at the Storrow Lagoon on the Esplanade on the Boston side of the Charles River. The RC Raft got some time in the Charles (and made the acquaintance of several sets of Weekend Kayakers) and the team got to enjoy a picnic catered by Blue Ribbon BBQ. All and all, it was a great way to wrap up a year. The team looks forward to 2012-2013.


River Raft Test – Take 2

David, Emma and I took the RC Raft onto the river for more testing. Unfortunately, it was late on Sunday and the pictures are a little dark. But otherwise, the raft was doing great! We also took two videos.

River Raft Test – Take 1

After finishing “Construction: Phase 2”, Chris, David and I were lucky enough to catch a ride with Sandi from the Edgerton Center down to the river. Even though it was getting pretty dark, we wanted to get the RC Raft onto the river. The raft needed some more work but for a first test, it did pretty well.