RC Raft – Construction, Phase 2

Jaya and I started Phase 2 off by assembling a frame to attach to the pontoons and to hold the electronics box. Qui and Erik worked on integrating the RC receiver into the Wild Thumper motor controller and soldering batteries. David made motor mounts to attach the bilge pump cartridges in pairs to the raft. After this, Chris, David and I worked on finalizing the frame, attaching the pontoons, and creating a plate to hold the electronics box that would mount onto the frame. We also did some additional tinkering with the RC reciever and transmitter.


About J*SLY

MIT student majoring in Mechanical and Ocean Engineering. I enjoy tinkering and trying to find ways to use the spare parts that would otherwise be 'tossed out' from the lab I work in. Hobbies: Photography, Hiking, Exploring California/Massachusetts

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